Magan Medical

Address: 420 West Rowland Street, Covina, CA, 44622

Property Type: Healthcare

Square Feet: 64,000

Property Highlights

Magan Medical is a 64,000 square foot medical office building in Covina, California (22 miles east of  downtown Los Angeles). The Asset is 100% leased to Magan Medical Clinic, a  subsidiary of Optum/UnitedHealth.  United Health employs 300,000 and has  an investment-grade rating of A+ from Standard  and Poor’s.

Magan Medical Clinic houses 22 specialties and50 physician providers.  The medical  practice was founded in 1919 by Dr. W.P. Magan  and recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary,  including 52 of those years at the current  location.   The   Property   recently underwent  an extensive renovation, that included a roof  replacement, electrical and lighting upgrades, a parking lot replacement, HVAC replacements, room conversions, and site modernization.


Additional Property Information